Volunteer with a big heart making a difference

Having a cuppa with seniors is one of Lori Langford’s favourite things to do.

Lori started volunteering because she said she wanted to connect with people as well as improve her work skills.

First volunteering with the Endeavour Foundation in retail, she then moved on to the North Townsville Community Hub in Deeragun where she wears many hats – cleaner, flood recovery worker, child minder, events coordinator and social media advocate, all whilst providing much needed emotional support.

“It’s an amazing experience to see the kids learn various skills when we have school holiday programs.”

Lori said volunteering at North Townsville Community Hub really fulfilled her. “They are willing to teach me operating procedures; they allow me to try different job duties while providing training and support. They are encouraging, uplifting, and very supportive,” she said.

“My goal for a while has been to try and get our Seniors Cuppa Chat numbers up and August 2nd we had 25 in attendance. Our desire is to help our seniors combat loneliness so that they can live happier more fulfilling lives. Getting the numbers up has been extremely satisfying.”                                                    

“Goodness, it’s hard to pick a highlight of my volunteering experience however I would say being able to help folks with basic needs during the floods was definitely a highpoint,” she said.

Lori said she enjoyed being able to make a difference in people’s lives. It is clear she has done that, receiving The Heart of Volunteering Award at the 2019 NQ Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Her advice for anyone considering volunteering is quite simple.

“Look for an organisation that interests you, apply for volunteer work and get in there and give it your all because they really need the help and bloom where you’re planted.”