Townsville Tennis

Townsville Tennis

Organisation Goals and Values

Enhance opportunities for junior and senior members to participate, develop and enjoy playing tennis.
Develop the ancillary and playing facilities to attract further participation in tennis.
Enhance marketing and promotion of the association as the premier tennis facility in North Queensland.
Recruit, optimise and motivate an efficient range of volunteers to continually improve the sustainability of the Tennis Townsville.
Enhance the association’s income opportunities to ensure future sustainability.

Tennis is a game and it’s a passion; it’s an hour of fun and a lifetime commitment. It’s boys and girls, and it’s men and women; it’s all ages, all races, all people everywhere. It’s made for a sunburnt country, a sport we love so much we play it anywhere and everywhere- in the suburbs, in the bush, in the outback and even on rooftops. It’s everybody’s sport.
It is the wonderful world of Tennis, Australia’s favourite.

Opportunity Types

Opportunity Description

Sponsorship opportunities are available for various Tournament Events and also Club events. This includes Naming Rights for:

  • Night Fixtures (each with a few hundred players each Season)
  • Adult Group Coaching (year round attracting up to one hundred new players)
  • Sunday Social (Year Round each week with up to 30 players mostly from the Public)
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Tennis Townsville Closed Tournament
  • North Queensland Age and Open Championships (with Australia wide players and a couple of hundred players)
  • Four Junior Programs (with up to two hundred enrolments each term)

Kiosk work of an evening includes tasks: Sports Administration,  Collecting fees, Selling drinks, Tracking attendance and scorecards

Learning to be a junior coach

Court supervisor on-line training for Volunteer Court supervisor position for Tournaments.


People skills for a social sporting fun air-conditioned environment.
Check-in and pay Point Of Sale
Court allocation with scorecards
Entering junior attendance into system each program




Volunteer Capacity:

Requirements & Training:

Monday, Tuesday or Thursday 6-10 of an evening for an 8 week Season

Saturday mornings 8- 11 for a 10 week term

Both indoor in air-conditioned kiosk and outdoors when required


Blue Card working with children is free as a volunteer but required; Police check. Info and induction offered until Volunteer feels competent.

Clicking this button will require you to create/login into a ‘Volunteer Profile’ to complete your expression of interest.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

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