Corporate & Group Volunteering


Corporate and Group Volunteering

We facilitate referrals for corporate and group volunteers from

Corporate & Group Volunteers to Volunteer Involving Organisations

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Volunteer Involving Organisations to Corporates & Groups

This page provides exclusive Corporate and Group volunteering opportunities for our Members and Partners.  These opportunities are private and not publicly accessible in our Quick Search which contains many more specific volunteer opportunities.  The opportunities listed below are more general in nature and outline the kinds of opportunities that can be arranged with further discussion.  Review the listings below to discover Corporate, Community Groups and Organisations that align with your values and express interest for an instant referral.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers & Services

Find local businesses that have volunteer programs releasing employees to volunteer or offering in-kind services or sponsorships.


of Volunteers

Find community groups that are looking for volunteer opportunities for their  members to participate in as a group or individually.


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