Relaunch of VM Cafe

Volunteering North Queensland is thrilled to announce the relaunch of the VM Café, a dynamic hybrid networking and training event designed exclusively for Volunteer Managers to Network, Learn and Collaborate. VM Café gives Volunteer Managers the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, gain valuable insights, and find innovative solutions to the challenges they face in their role.

The inaugural VM Café session, to be held on the 27th July, sets the stage by focusing on identifying the pain points experienced by Volunteer Managers. We invite you to join us in this crucial discussion, where you will have the opportunity to share your challenges, listen to the experiences of your peers, and gain fresh perspectives. Together, we will delve deep into the issues that matter most to you, setting the foundation for subsequent VM Café events dedicated to finding practical solutions.

What is VM Café, you ask? It’s a unique platform where Volunteer Managers from various backgrounds come together to engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and tackle the pain points commonly encountered in the field. Inspired by the World Café Method, this series of monthly 90-minute sessions promise to invigorate your professional journey and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of volunteer management.

Each VM Café session will be a vibrant gathering of passionate professionals, eager to learn, collaborate, and drive change. Through the World Café Method, we will facilitate small group discussions, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and valued. The power of collective wisdom and the diversity of ideas within our community will fuel our conversations, propelling us towards actionable strategies that make a difference.

Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to connect, learn, and grow alongside fellow Volunteer Managers. Join us for the relaunch of VM Café. Together, we will revolutionise how volunteer management approaches overcoming challenges and fosters a thriving volunteer ecosystem.

Get ready to sip on knowledge, network with purpose, and ignite positive change at VM Café – where Volunteer Managers meet to make a difference!

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