Regeneration and cultural development a healthy focus

She knew what she wanted from a young age. Bernadette had an interest in cultural development and wanted to be part of a proactive community.

“I wanted to learn new skills and find meaningful and productive ways to express myself and promote culture in my community,” she said.

Bernadette Boscacci started volunteering at 4TTT Community Radio in 1983 as High School Program Coordinator. She went on to volunteer with the Youth Network, Palm Creek Festival and the Golden Bee Project where she continues to volunteer.

“I got to travel to Sweden in 2017 to represent Golden Bee Australia in an International Art Market in Stockholm,” Bernadette said.

Now also volunteering at Mundy Creek Landcare (CDTLI), Garbutt & Kowanyama Culture & Research Centre, in Kowanyama and remotely, Bernadette cites the regeneration of Mundy Creek Garbutt as one of the many highlights of her volunteering story.

“It’s very satisfying to see the continued growth of the trees we planted and all the benefits that flow from this – the birds and animals that visit or inhabit the area, the increased shade and physical beauty,” she said.

“I am particularly proud of the work I have lead at Mundy Creek. Also, the production of Alma Luke’s Bush Medicine Book which fulfilled an elder woman’s longstanding aspiration to write and publish a book for her community and the world about the healing powers of her traditional lands and its natural resources.”

“Whenever I become involved in community and contribute my skills and time to activities and projects that I know help to make the world a better, happier place to live in, I experience increased health and well-being. I meet many amazing people and experience a myriad of things that I would not otherwise experience had I stayed at home and focussed on my own small world.

“Volunteering is about making a commitment to something bigger than ourselves and our own insular world. When we work together collaboratively and collectively, opportunities arise, we achieve goals and our lives and communities are changed and enriched.

In short, it has brought me new and valuable relationships, opened my mind, toned my muscles, honed my skills and gladdened my heart.”