Privacy Statements

Volunteering North Queensland

Privacy Policy

(Privacy Act 1st December 2001)

VNQ strives to act with the highest integrity and offer the best possible service to volunteers, organisations and all people who access the Centre’s services.

To provide the highest standard of service to all stakeholders, VNQ needs to collect personal information from time-to-time. It is therefore important that individuals can be confident that the personal information entrusted to VNQ is treated with the appropriate degree of privacy.

Personal information is any information from which an individual’s identity can be reasonably determined.

Why VNQ collects personal information

Collecting personal information is essential to delivering a quality service to VNQ clients and customers. This includes being able to make appropriate matches between potential volunteers and organisations or events and provide a quality improved education program as a Registered Training Organisation. If VNQ does not collect personal information, it is unable to provide effective referral and education services as well as support and manage its own volunteer staff.

How VNQ collects personal information

Potential service users and/or course participants are asked to complete an application or interview sheet in several ways. These include the internet, phone or face-to-face interviews. Course participant’s enrolment details and course assessment data is also collected and stored in accordance with Privacy Policy guidelines.

Personal information collected by VNQ would always be done with the individual’s consent and where possible this would be in writing. Personal information is not disclosed to any other person or group other than VNQ unless the individual has consented in writing.

From time to time VNQ may update an individual’s personal information. This would be done by contacting the individual or when the individual contacts VNQ to make any changes or update their personal information.

How VNQ secures personal information

The protection of personal information is a priority to VNQ.  All reasonable precautions to safeguard personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure are taken.

Hard copy records of personal information are kept in VNQ filling systems and/or on a computer database. When personal information is no longer required or is out-of-date, it is deleted from VNQ systems and/or securely destroyed.

Individuals may request access to any information that VNQ holds about that individual. VNQ may need to contact an individual who has accessed a service provided by VNQ for follow-up, evaluation or further business with that individual. The nature of any further contact with VNQ will always be subject to agreement from the individual.

VNQ’s privacy policy and procedures are constantly reviewed and updated in accordance with any changes in the law. An individual has the right to complain about a breach of privacy by lodging their concern or complaint with VNQ.  If there is no satisfactory outcome the individual can contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992 or write to Director of Complaints, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042.


VNQ has made every effort to ensure the appropriateness of the information contained in this document. However, as the information is for general use and is not intended to serve as advice, no warranty is given in relation to the accuracy, reliability or appropriateness of any information. No part of the information is intended to replace detailed and expert advice in respect of individual circumstances. Users of this information are therefore encouraged to consult with their chosen professional advisers before making any decision. VNQ disclaims all and any liability to any person in respect to any consequences of actions or otherwise based on information contained herein.

Department of Social Services

Information for clients on privacy

The Data Exchange is a secure, online IT system that is hosted by the Australian Government Community Grants Hub, Department of Social Services.

This streamlined performance reporting system was introduced to help funded organisation spend less time and effort on administration and increase their focus on delivering better outcomes for you, your family and your community.

Personal information

Funded organisations may opt to use the Data Exchange as a free electronic case management system, in order to manage your details and keep track of the services they are providing you, to ensure that they are meeting your needs.

Where organisations use the Data Exchange to manage the services they offer, they will enter your personal information onto the Data Exchange system where it will be securely stored. 

This information includes your name, age, gender, cultural background and disabilities you provide to the organisation. The privacy of this personal information is protected by law, including by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Only the organisation you are working with will be able to access information identifying who you are when the Data Exchange is used as a Client Management System. Each organisation is expected to have internal policies to protect your records.

Information collected through the Data Exchange is de-identified and used for research and policy analysis only. The Data Exchange is interested in trends at the program and whole-of-program level, not individual clients.

You and any family members who come with you to receive services will never be identified in any reports or publications produced from the Data Exchange, including reports or publications.

Your consent is required

Funded organisations reporting through the Data Exchange will ask if you consent to the collection of your personal information for storage in the Data Exchange.

No personal information will be stored in the Data Exchange if you do not consent. Your consent is completely voluntary. You can change your mind at any time. This will not stop your access to services.

Further information

You can ask the organisation working with you about the storage and handling of your personal information. You can also find more information about the handling of personal information in the Data Exchange privacy policy on