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Email completed form to membership@vnq.org.au

Approx. 50 Words // Summarise the key points from below. This is what potential volunteers read first when looking at your listing on websites before clicking to read more.
Approx. 50-150 Words // Include: How this position helps the overall organisations goals, Describe the characteristics of your ideal volunteer, List task to be performed, support and training provided and what the volunteer will gain from this experience.
How many volunteer are you looking for?
You can set a date for this position to no longer be listed
Tick any requirements for this position // Selected requirements will be noted on the position advertisement.
Enter any additional requirements. You can request specific skills and abilities or simply describe the kind of person you are looking for.

Contact Details

Some Volunteer Managers choose to remove their direct phone number and only supply an email address. // If using a reception phone number, inform staff how handle incoming volunteer referral calls.

Position Details

eg. 6-8pm, Tuesdays OR or Any Weekday // Volunteer roles should not be more than 15 hours per week
Check your insurance policy
Leave blank if none
Describe how volunteers may get to the role. Note the public transport and/or parking options if applicable
Select up to three skills the volunteer will use in the tasks they perform.

Position Location