Membership, Services, Fees and Sustainability


Membership renews annually on the 31st of July and is a partnership with Volunteering NQ’s vision to see a community rich in volunteers and volunteering.  During the 2018-19 year we:

  1. Successfully placed more than 1 volunteer every day and,
  2. Provide training and networking opportunities to 300+ participants

Membership is available to individuals and NFP organisations here.

Volunteer Referral Services

Our Volunteer Referral Services help to attract volunteers from new audience groups and reduce the administrative workload in listing new positions and follow up expressions of interest.  This service is a 12-month subscription renewing on the date of application and includes:

  1. Unlimited volunteer positions listed by Volunteering NQ staff into a national database accessible by potential volunteers at, SEEK Volunteer and GoVolunteer.
  2. Proofing and creative feedback by Volunteering NQ staff on all volunteer positions descriptions.
  3. Volunteering NQ staff follow-up of all expressions of interest on your behalf immediately, and at 24-hour, 48-hour and 5 business day intervals via multiple methods of communication to maximise engagement of the potential volunteer and reduce the number of uncontactable volunteers.
  4. Volunteering NQ staff check the volunteer’s suitability based on the requirements of the position including background checks, licences and availability to reduce unsuitable referrals.

Our commitment to financial sustainability.

Volunteering NQ receives financial support from various funding bodies and is further supported through the contributions of our volunteer team.  Together, these significantly subsidise the costs of service.  Financial sustainability is important and multiple strategies, including membership fees, service fees and corporate partnerships are being developed to ensure Volunteering NQ continues well into the future. 

A 3-year plan commenced in 2018-19 with the introduction of a standalone Membership fee and tiered fee structure for Volunteer Referral Services.  Rolling service fee increases will follow up to 2020-21 to move our fees to a comparable level within the volunteer resource sector and reflect the continual improvements being made.


Corporate and Group Referral Services (New)

An organisational profile can be listed in Volunteering NQ’s exclusive Corporate & Group volunteering platform to both attract and request volunteers and services from Corporates and Groups.  Username and password access can be requested here to list your organisation and request referrals.

Premium Listings (Coming Soon)

Premium listings provide greater exposure and include 4 weeks of:

  1. A highlighted position with a limit of 4 concurrent premium listings
  2. Special mention at any Expo’s and Presentation’s attended during the premium listing
  3. Position card prominently displayed on search pages
  4. One social media post on each of the following platforms: Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Instagram

Events Package (Under Development)     

A pro-rata 3-month subscription tailored for events looking to attract volunteers for one-off opportunities is under development to provide Volunteer Referral Services, access the Corporate and Group Volunteering platform and event volunteer database.