Making a world of difference – 6 million reasons to celebrate NVW!

6 million amazing Australians volunteer their time!  Volunteers contribute an estimated $290 billion to the national economy annually, yielding a 450% return for every dollar invested. Worldwide, it is estimated there are 1 billion volunteers, the equivalent of 109 million full-time employees.

Imagine the world of difference these 6 million volunteers make in the lives of individuals, organisations and communities across all areas of Australian society, from the arts, education, emergency services, sports and environment to health, community welfare, aged care and disability services.

Could the staggering figures above suggest that volunteering is a positive experience to have so many volunteers giving so generously of their time? Definitely, according to Volunteering Australia’s State of Volunteering in Australia report that found 93% of volunteers reported positive outcomes as a direct result of their voluntary participation. The benefits of helping others are numerous. To name just a few, volunteering provides purpose, a sense of self-worth, social connection, increased health and well-being, as well as development of skills that can provide a pathway to employment.

From 20–26 May 2019, thousands of events will be held across the country to say thank you to the volunteers making a world of difference.

On the 20th of May 2019, we will acknowledge the many volunteers in North Queensland.  The celebration includes ‘shout outs’ to some amazing volunteer teams throughout an evening of entertainment concluding with announcements and presentations of the 2019 North Queensland Volunteer of the Year award recipients.

Will there be Lego again at this year? Absolutely! What will your team make?

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