Volunteer Consultation Process

Part 1 - VNQ Privacy Consent

VIKTOR - Volunteer Details Menu

LEGEND: Blue text – Read           Red Text – Action Step

The questions I ask today will help us match you with a great volunteer position and provide general information about who and where people are volunteering.

Your information is stored safely using software and hardware online and at our office in accordance with our privacy statement.  (See reference card)

We may contact you occasionally if your interests and skills match new volunteer opportunities. 

Do you consent to Volunteering NQ storing your information and sharing your contact details (name email, gender, year of birth, and phone number) with volunteer organisations you want to volunteer with?

If YES – Record volunteer’s response in “Receive Emails”

If  NO – If you do not want us to provide your contact details to the organisation, we can just provide you with the contact details for the organisation.

If you don’t want us to keep your information, we can remove all your personal information after we finish this conversation.

Replace all personal Information with the name Bob Builder123 and other generic info.  Do not delete the profile!

Ask them to call us and let us know when they start volunteering. 

Part 2 - DEX Privacy Consent

VIKTOR - Volunteer DEX Statistics Menu

LEGEND: Blue text – Read           Red Text – Action Step

Because we are funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to help you, we provide statistical information including gender, cultural background and disabilities to their Data Exchange. 

Only VNQ staff will be able to see your personal information including, your name, age and residential postcode in the Data Exchange. (See reference card)

If you don’t want your personal information recorded in the Data Exchange, we can still help you find a volunteer position.

Do you consent to your personal information being provided to the Data Exchange?

If YES – Tick the “Consented to provide details” checkbox

If NO – Leave the checkbox unticked and continue to ask questions assuring that volunteer that these are still optional and that only the statistics, not their personally identifiable data will be reported.