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It is fair to say that good governance has never been more important for Not for Profits. Good Governance can help Not for Profits to:

  • Attract and win grants and funding
  • Protect individual directors through a greater understanding of roles and responsibilities 
  • Support organisational efficiency and sustainability

In recent times Not for Profits have experienced significant regulatory reform and disruption. Greater attention has been focused on how Not for Profits maintain community trust and prevent misconduct.

Learning Partnerships Not For Profit Volunteer Management and Board Ready Program is a 3-day comprehensive program designed to enable a board or committee to work on their governance together for real benefits and outcomes.

The program includes: Three days of workshops and four quarterly follow up coaching and mentoring sessions.

Course Overview

Volunteer Management (Day 1)

On Day One the directors will immerse themselves in understanding various elements of the Volunteer Management Process. The course will focus on the particular Not For Profit with the outcome being an action plan for improved operations and efficiency.

  • Value-Driven Culture
  • Recruitment and Selection of members
  • Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness
  • Recognition and Performance Management
  • Cyber Security and Social Media
  • Understanding and getting the skills mix right
  • Knowledge Management
  •  Effective Communication
  • Pride Building

Board Ready  (Day 2 and Three)

Role of the Board 

  • The importance of governance in funding and grant applications
  • The role and responsibilities of the board
  • Effective board structure and processes
  • Personality types, group dynamics, and board composition and the influence on board effectiveness
  • Working with management and distinguishing between accountabilities and roles
  • Legal framework and responsibilities
  • Balancing compliance and performance roles

Director Mindset and Duties 

  • Director vs Executive thinking
  • The importance of changing mindsets
  • General duties under the Corporations Act
  • Exercising due care and responsibility
  • Responsibilities for maintaining a reasonably informed opinion
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics
  • The role, responsibilities, and liabilities of the Chairman Secretary, Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, and Offices

Effective Board Meetings 

  • Board Meeting Procedures and implementing board meeting protocols
  • Preparing for successful board meetings
  • Participate effectively in the boardroom

Reporting and Communication 

  • Requirements for communication of notifications, agendas, minutes and board papers
  • Agenda and minutes requirements and risks
  • Boardrooms in the digital age
  • Maintaining individual director records


Gerard Byrne

Governance and Project Management Specialist

Miranda Hamilton

Governance and Leadership Specialist


For no additional charge Participants in the program can undertake to complete workbooks on their training to work towards nationally-recognised qualifications in Governance, Business or Leadership and Management.

Upon successful completion of these workbooks, participants can receive a Statement of Attainment for :

  • BSWOR502 Lead and Manage Effective Teams
  • BSBGOV405 Undertake the Roles and Responsibilities of a Board or Committee Member
  • BSBADM502 Manage Meetings


The not-for-profit sector makes an enormous contribution to Australia’s social and economic welfare. Not-for-Profits protect our environment, educate our students, enable us to practice our faith, celebrate our cultural heritage, and protect the most vulnerable in our community.

Organisations can provide and demonstrate good social responsibility by sponsoring a Not for Profit to the Volunteer Management and Board Ready Program.

Supporting Organisations will receive:

  • A Certificate of contribution
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • A digital badge and email skin for inclusion in their Public Relations
  • Provision of 12 months free volunteer referral services with Volunteering North Queensland on new applications for membership to participating organisations

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