Send an email using the templates below to confirm the volunteer position has been listed.  Include the link to the volunteer position.

* It can take up to 15 minutes for the position to go live.

Add New: Add a new not with the contents of the confirmation email sent


Include the position contact details in this email to Volunteer: NEVER tick this box

Additional information included in this email: ALWAYS add this text below…


Volunteering NQ is acting on behalf of this agency to personally respond to all expressions of interest for this position.


Please choose one of the following options to progress your volunteer interest:



                            This is the quickest way to get a referral (5min)  



                             Phone (10min) and Face-to-face (20min) appointments available


Whichever option you choose, we look forward to personally helping you connect with a great volunteering opportunity.




Set when the position is available to be carried out.

If the role is negotiable, add this to the DETAILS menu page of the position.


Be selective about which boxes we tick here.  Only tick the box if the skills match is a good fit.

3-4 at most.

Otherwise it ‘waters down’ the ability to search for a position that matches a volunteers interest well.


Add location where the position is carried out which may be different to the organisations office.


Commitment: Choose the relevant options from the selection box

Start Date & End Date:  For event volunteering, enter the start and finishing dates of the volunteer position

Describe the time required:  Allows a description of the time required and how flexible the hours are for the volunteer to read

Suitable for: Tick all that apply but be realistic otherwise it waters down the ability to filter suitable positions for people.

Age Range: Enter ages 18 to 80 if no ages are provided in form

Working Environment: Select appropriate option

This position needs to be filled urgently: Tick this if this applies




PositionID:  This number is auto generated and can’t be changed.  Add it to the end of the following weblink and you have the direct hyperlink to the position when listed.

Short Description:  This is the preview text that is listed in the short description in the list of all other positions listed

  • Tags – Add any tags to this position here in the short description
    • Tags in use
      • #PostDisaster
      • #Corporate&GroupOpp
      • #Corporate&GroupOrg
      • #Christmas

Detailed Description:  This is the description seen when the position is opened on it own.  The short description is not seen when reading this so copy some of it down into the start of the long description.

Service Focus:  This is the service focus of the position rather than the organisation.

Number of Volunteers: The number of volunteer desired for the position

Requirements:  Tick all that apply

Requirements Description: Use if required

Contact: The contact for referrals to be made to

  • If the contact details are to be different for the volunteer than our records, create a second Contact in the Agency contact list with the differing details
  • A website address can be placed instead of the phone number to direct applicants to the organisations website application form

Email for EOIs: Always use

Display publicly on the internet: Tick this box

Display on Map: Tick this box

Application Limit: Use this to unlist the position after receiving this many EOI’s with pending outcomes.

Active: Tick this box to make the listing go live