Search for the organisation in VIKTOR before adding a new agency as we probably already have it listed and it just needs updating.

Set filter to “Show all” incase the organisation is inactive.

If the organisation is already listed in VIKTOR as a state body, add Townsville to the name for the local membership



Add New

Insurance Type: Add Volunteer Personal Accident and Public Liability on e at a time

Insurance Company: Add from application form

Policy Number: Add from application form

Expiry Date: Add from application form


Repeat to add additional insurance policy


Add New Contact: Add/update contacts individually from the membership application form

Primary Contact: Determine who will be the appropriate person from the contacts for the main contact

Finance Contact: Determine who will be the appropriate person from the contacts for the finance contact

If the application was not the online form:

  1. Subscribe the volunteer manager to our emails here 
    1. ORGANISATIONS – Tick that they are interested in
      1. Training
      2. Volunteer Management
      3. National Volunteer Week Activities
    2. CORPORATE & VOLUNTEER GROUPS – Tick that they are interested in
      1. Corporate & Group Volunteering
  2. Subscribe all contacts to the Membership Mailing List 
    1. See subscribe form below.


Add Address: Add organisation address from the application form

Add Phone Numbers: Add organisation phone numbers from the application form


Class: Volunteer Involving Organisation (For everything)

Structure: Independant (For Everything)

Incorporation Type:  Change as appropriate from selection

ABN: Add from application

Member: Tick box for organisation and individual memberships only (not any partnerships inc. corporate and group)

Membership Class: Change as appropriate from selection

  • Individual – Individual memberships
  • Organisation – Organisation membership only. No services.
  • Services small/medium/large – Member organisation with services
  • Corporate – Corporate ‘members and Volunteer Groups
  • Partnership – Anyone else we have an MOU with
  • Other – See manager before using
  • Listing Only – Where we record all organisation before they move to one of the above classes

Membership Fee:  Who much did they pay at most recent renewal

Membership Renewal: Is ALWAYS the 31 July the following year

Lists Volunteer Positions: Tick for:

  • Organisations with VRS
  • Corporate and Volunteer Groups

Does not have volunteer insurance: This is ticked if the organisation does not have VPA.  This stops the position being listed on GoVolunteer and SEEK volunteer


Press F5 to refresh page and show additional menu pages on the left to continue set-up for organisations with VRS.


Name:  The organisations or Individuals name.

Description: Add from the application form or from the organisations website

Website: Add from the application form or do a google search

Email:  This is the organisation public email address.

Number of Volunteers: Just enter a rough guess of how many volunteer the organisation uses

Registration Date:  Do not change

Expiry Date: We use this to monitor when VRS expires.  Enter date 12 months from the date of the application.

Service Focus: Add from the application.  This is the focus of the organisation as a whole.

Update Logo:  Add the organisations logo to VIKTOR