SUBJECT: Volunteer Opportunities for your consideration.


Hi ______,


Volunteering NQ is connected with a large number of organisations with a variety of volunteer opportunities.


Below is the link to a volunteer opportunity that may interest you. If you wish to apply click ‘express interest’ and follow the steps and/or contact us on 4725 5990 and one of our Recruitment Officers will be able to answer any questions you may have.


If you wish to search for other volunteer opportunities choose one of the following options:


  1. SEARCH ONLINE to find a volunteer position –


  1. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to let us help you find a volunteer position — or Ph. 4725 5990


  1. DROP IN during our office hours. (Tues-Thurs, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm)


Whichever option you choose, we look forward to personally helping you connect with a great volunteering opportunity.


VIKTOR Mail to Volunteer

Hi Name,

Thank you for your interest in the volunteer opportunity below.  We have let the organisation know you are interested and have given you the details of the person to contact so you can make direct contact.

Please note, this is only a referral to the organisation so you can begin their application process after contacting them.

We’ll be in contact in a couple of weeks to see how you went.

THE NEXT STEP: Phone or email the “Contact Person” in the details below as this will demonstrate your enthusiasm to the organisation.

Kind regards,


Volunteering North Queensland

VIKTOR Mail to Organisation


The volunteer below is interested in helping your organisation.

Contacting the volunteer as soon as practical builds your organisations professional image and helps to attract high quality volunteers.


Volunteering North Queensland


Subject Line: Volunteer Referral Follow Up

Hello _______,

Below is a list of prospective volunteers that we have referred to your organisation over the past few months.

To update our records and provide a better service to you, would you please indicate next to each name in a reply email whether the volunteer has been successful or unsuccessful with your organisation.

If any of the names are unfamiliar, please let us know so we can refer the volunteer to you again.

__________Insert List of Names and referral dates here__________

With much appreciation, thank you.


Volunteer Recruitment Officer


Hi _______,

You expressed interest in volunteering not too long ago and regardless of the outcome, we thank you for your generous interest.

To help us improve our services at Volunteering NQ, could you provide us with some feedback?

It’ll only take a few minutes to complete

Kind regards,




Subject: Volunteering Referral Follow-Up

Hello _____,

We recently referred you to the volunteer opportunity listed below.


Have you been accepted, or started volunteering with them?

Feel free to reply to this email if you have not had any contact yet or if we can be of any further assistance.

All the best,



Subject Line: Progress your Expression of Interest in Volunteering

Hello _______,

Volunteering NQ is acting on behalf of the following position/s:


To receive your referral, please choose one of the following options:

  1. Download the Volunteer Referral FormWORD or PDF
  2. Make a Phone Appointment to chat with our friendly team –

Whichever option you choose, we look forward to helping you connect with a great volunteering opportunity.

Kind regards,





Subject: Volunteer Position Outside Postcode

Hello _______,

Thank you for your expression of interest to volunteer through one of the Volunteer websites.  We have noted however that the position you are interested in (below) is too far to commute from where you live.


If you are moving to the location of the position and would like to progress with your interest, please respond to this email to let us know.

If not, volunteering opportunities within range of your postcode can be found by using your postcode to search.

Kind regards,