From tuckshop mum to Volunteer Manager – a Happy Feat!

From heating up meat pies to becoming a volunteer manager is all in a day’s work for Geri Bobbin.

Geri began volunteering in 2005 on her day off. She was one of only a handful of mums volunteering in the tuckshop at her daughter’s primary school.

This led to reading in class, helping with Mothers Day and Fathers Day activities, Christmas fundraisers, sports days and more.

She became a committee member and was then voted in as the treasurer at a theatre group she was part of. Geri then joined the Happy Feat family and a few years later was asked to take on the role of Volunteer Manager.

“Happy Feat provides around 41 local adults, all who have differing abilities a place to dance, have fun and socialise every week,” she said.

“It is a lot more than dancing, it’s a place to learn social engagement, teamwork and self worth.

“The Townsville community have embraced Happy Feat as their own. They are constantly being requested to attend a varying array of functions as performers or even as special guests.”

“Happy Feat gives so many opportunities to 41 people that they would never normally get to experience. They get to shine and to show their amazing abilities. Our team of carefully chosen volunteers demonstrate this with their love and nurturing to allow this to happen.”

Geri said the benefits she has gained from volunteering include experience in the workplace, learning new skills, building self-confidence and self-esteem, improving mental health and well-being, giving back to the community and finding purpose through meaningful activity.

“Becoming a part of the Happy Feat family has started a whole new chapter in my life.”

“Our Happy Featers teach me so much more than I could have ever imagined.

“Their acceptance, inclusiveness, empathy and honesty is infectious.

“I have made life long friendships with some of the most amazing human beings who give of their valuable time freely and consistently so that they can make a huge difference to others.

“Wednesday night is definitely the best night of the week.”