Exciting new experiences

I discovered a passion for volunteering last year during my studies at TAFE Queensland. The ability to help people through a few simple acts, a couple of hours a day appealed to my sense of wanting to make a difference and help others. While in my current position at VNQ, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Glendi Festival in 2018. After being a frequent visitor to these events, I was excited at the chance to work behind the scenes and gain the insider knowledge of how these events are run. Working at the Sound Booth with the professionals, helping to make sure the music for the stage entertainment ran smoothly was one of the most fun experiences in my volunteering career so far. I got to volunteer with a great bunch of people, taste the different food and drinks during my shifts, all with the best seat in the house. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any upcoming Special Events in the future to better my knowledge and open myself up to these new and exciting experiences.