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Organisation Goals and Values

Conservation Volunteers is Australasia’s leading practical conservation organisation and can work with you to develop employee engagement opportunities to suit your organisation’s and employee’s needs. We have been working in the environment for over 35 years, connecting people to amazing places all over Australia and New Zealand. Your employees can get their hands dirty whilst helping the environment and learning new skills!
Independent studies show that meaningful, demonstrated corporate volunteering will not only increase participation but will also lead to employee engagement in general, including commitment and retention.
Our programs:
– help protect our environment, conserve important habitat for threatened species and reduce impacts of climate change.
– Engage employees in team building and encourage group cooperation
– Increase employees’ morale and support personal and skill development

Opportunity Types

Opportunity Description

We provide a range of opportunities for working together including employee and group volunteering, event sponsorship, workplace giving, and partnership.
Because we know you are busy, we make it fun and easy for you to engage your organisation in making a positive difference. Your team can join us for a day out in the field. The day typically runs from around 7:00am to 12:00pm (excluding travel times) with a morning break. Activities may include pulling out weeds, planting native trees, and collecting marine debris at one of our bush protection sites.
You can also support us by sponsoring an event (e.g. a tree planting on World Environment Day or a beach clean up on World Oceans Day) or setting up workplace-giving in your organisation so that your employees can choose to donate to Conservation Volunteers to make a positive difference in the community and environment.
Our ability to involve volunteers in important environment projects is dependent on our partners who support us. This makes it essential for us to work together and we welcome conversations to explore opportunities to partner with you!


Conservation Volunteers’ strength is our ability to mobilise the community through well managed and effective programs. Our volunteers come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences and give their time freely to help. Our expertise as an organisation in training and managing community volunteers turns their efforts into a major force for environmental good. We also contribute to the overall health and well-being of volunteers and people that participate in our programs.




Volunteer Capacity:

Requirements & Training:

Most Thursdays and Fridays from 7am to 12pm (excluding travel time)

Outdoors at a bush protection site in or around Townsville

Groups of up to 9. Individuals or small teams also welcome.

Volunteers will need to complete a volunteer registration form and receive an induction on the day.

Clicking this button will require you to create/login into a ‘Volunteer Profile’ to complete your expression of interest.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

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