Volunteering! Getting Started

Volunteering is a very rewarding experience and this free information session will help set you up to have a great experience. Whether you are new to volunteering (or not) the information in this session will boost your confidence in getting started and continuing to volunteer. Information covered in the free session will include: Your Rights […]

Announcing the second Better Together Breakfast on 18th July and three Community Training Sessions

Better Together Networking Breakfast – The Future of Volunteering
+ Launch of new Corporate & Group Platform
We are pleased to announce that Andy Fryer, a significant contributor to the Australian Volunteerism community for over 30 years will be our keynote speaker at the second networking breakfast speaking on The Future of Volunteering. This is a networking event like no other for building value adding relationships between the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors to have a positive impact in our community.
In addition, we are excited that we will be officially launching a new web-based platform for connecting Corporates, Groups of Volunteers and NFP’s. This platform will help you connect with organisations with similar values and goals. Referrals can be facilitated in

Training Workshops – 16-18 July 2019
Professional and local trainers will be leading three workshops, all with a choice of morning or evening session.

Workshops include: Videography & Social Media // Grants Stats & Outcomes // Volunteer Management: Good Grief!

Announcing Speakers for Community Training & Networking Sessions on 28th March

Better Together Networking Breakfast

It’s with great pleasure we announce that Aaron Newman, CEO of the Queensland Country Centre will be our keynote speaker at the networking breakfast speaking on Corporate Social Responsibility. This is a networking event like no other for building value adding relationships between the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors to have a positive impact in our community.

Training Workshops

Professional and local trainers will be leading the training sessions following breakfast to equip you, your staff and your volunteers. These sessions will be repeated in the evening also to suit everyone’s availability. Workshops include: Photography // Event & Volunteer Management // Successful Grant Writing

Register now and share with your colleagues so your team doesn’t miss out.

21 Training Sessions for Upskilling Yourself, Your Staff and Your Volunteers this Year

Here it is! The 2019 Training Calendar
It’s our passion to provide training events that strengthen not-for-profit organisations, staff and volunteers to be equipped to achieve your vision and provide services in our community.
This year we will be hosting three training days on which there will be three different sessions in the morning and repeated in the evening. These will include:
More Photography & Video Skills
Event and Volunteer Management
Grant Writing
Media Release Writing
Team Building and Delegation
And more…
Check-out the ‘calendar’ of sessions and register below.

6 Not-for-profit Networking Events in 2019 That Will be Worth Your Time

Throughout 2019, we are hosting six networking events that will provide an opportunity for you to connect with the right people to help you achieve your goals this year.

For Volunteer Managers we are meeting regularly throughout the year for coffee networking before you start working. This is great way to meet other volunteer managers, share ideas, challenges and successes with people how get you! If you are responsible for coordinating the volunteers in your organisation, whether paid or volunteer, full-time or on the side, then this networking event is for you!

The Better Together Breakfast is a unique networking breakfast for connecting the NFP, Corporate and Government sectors interested in building value adding relationships for the good of our community. Whether it be corporate volunteering, in-kind services, sponsorships or collaborative partnerships, I believe that together, we can make a significant and lasting contribution to our community.

Check-out the ‘calendar’ of networking events below and we look forward to meeting you.