A new era of volunteering in NQ

Hands holding sun VNQ

The world of volunteering is changing. Not just because of COVID and the health regulations it brings, but also because the expectations of volunteers and the needs of organisations who employ them are changing. 

Volunteering North Queensland (VNQ), the “go to” volunteering resource hub in North Queensland, is changing too. 

We recently announced big changes to our membership – now free and available to individuals, Not-For-Profit and For-Profit organisations – and to our Volunteer Referral Service to help Not-For-Profit organisations source their volunteers. 

We are also pleased to announce a partnership with Volunteering Queensland (VQ), Queensland’s volunteering peak body. 

Both organisations work to support community participation through volunteering.  With this partnership, the work of each organisation dovetails, from North Queensland‘s grass roots to the State-level. 

The financial support VNQ receives through VQ allows us to continue supporting our grass root community, which rely so heavily on volunteers.

The funding also allows VNQ to review its business model and take advantage of new volunteering trends and be more representative of the community we serve.

VNQ thanks VQ for their support and we look forward to working together in this transformation.

For more information, visit:

Volunteering Queensland, www.volunteeringqld.org.au.

Volunteering North Queensland, www.vnq.org.au.

Or contact Marie-Claude Brown, advisor@vnq.org.au.

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