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Before Brad’s arrival, Jane* rarely stepped outside. Even though she loved gardening, she was unable to garden because she couldn’t bend down. Brad built her a waist high workbench and provided her with empty pots, soil and bulbs. Jane* now ventures outside into the fresh air and sits at her gardening bench to work. She monitors the progress of her pot plants daily and derives considerable enjoyment from doing so.

Seniors 55+ led the way when it came to filling volunteer roles in the last twelve months.

 In 2013, Brad’s whole life changed when he was involved in a horrific accident on his way to work. Despite seventeen surgeries over four years, Brad lost his left foot and lower leg. Loss of his mobility, his independence, income, plans to manage his own café and more led to mental health issues. Showing enormous courage and determined not to slide further into despair, Brad strapped on his moon-boot and hobbled into Volunteering North Queensland. 

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