Membership Fees

Level & Fee Structure for Membership of Volunteering North Queensland Inc.


  1. Membership fees must accompany an application for membership.
  2. Membership fees are renewable on an annual basis.
  3. Membership fees are not refundable (except if membership is rejected).
  4. Branch offices of an organisation located in separate locations must be a member in their own right, and may apply for the class of membership that best suits their specific needs.
  5. Details of Volunteer Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance is also required.
  6. To complete your membership application, identify class of membership and type of services provided by your organisation.

Levels and Benefits of Membership


You can nominate to become a member at the level which suits your interests, needs and budget. Please refer to the Membership Kit for full details of VNQ's services then consider the following levels of membership, nominate your type of membership and then complete the required information for that level.

Membership Category Membership Levels Annual fee (incl. GST)
Corporate (Non NFPs)

For organisations who are not 'Not for Profits'.


Includes constitutional voting rights at AGM.

Membership 19

Up to 19 volunteer referrals p.a.

Membership 10

Up to 10 volunteer referrals p.a.

Membership 5

Up to 5 volunteer referrals p.a.

Membership 1

Up to 1 volunteer referrals p.a.


Includes constitutional voting rights at AGM.


Member Application Kits

Most of these documents are in PDF format. You can download Acrobat Reader to view and print these documents.

Download Acrobat


For the membership application kit please download the following application forms:

Membership Application Form - Word format: Download Application
Member Guide - PDF format: Download Guide
Individual Membership Application Form - PDF format: Download Application
Volunteer Job Description Form - Word format: Download Job Description Form


Please Note:

All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Board of Management of Volunteering North Queensland Inc. (VNQ) in order to establish that the purpose of the applying organisation is in no way in conflict with the objectives of VNQ. The Board reserves the right to make the final decision on the admission of members in accordance with VNQ's Constitution.


In line with the Federal Privacy Legislation, Volunteering North Queensland Inc. has produced a Privacy Policy that outlines the way that we collect, use and disclose your information in accordance with providing our membership services, and how you can access that information. As a member, your consent is required if your information is to be included in our Directory of Members' Services. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact VNQ on Ph: 4725 5990.